So I love little stories like this.

Basically during the wind storm last week on the East Coast, in DC the powerful offshore winds created something what’s called a “blowout”, which is basically the opposite of storm surge caused by strong winds.  The water gets pushed out instead of in.

Anyways the blowout exposed areas on the Potomac River in DC the revealed some pretty cool little treasures.  Check out all the cool photos on the article from the Washington Post.

One particular object seems to be unidentified.   Anyone know what this seemingly cast-iron object is?

This unknown object is stuck in the mud at the bottom of the Potomac River near the Memorial Bridge. The blowout tide revealed it for a few hours. Anyone know what it is? Seems like something off a large boat or maybe a dock — like a lantern hanger?

Unidentified object ((Kevin Ambrose ,WP)

Arlington Memorial Bridge