Original Story:

Hi All.

This puppy, Faith, was lost Sunday night in the Balston area of Arlington.

I know this is out of this area, but we’re looking for all possible ways to get the word out.

Her and her mom were two dogs I helped rescue from SC in May, so my heart is breaking.

We took momma out to try and look for her last night with no luck.

Faith is a shy six month old baby boxer (about 25 lbs now) and she’s been gone since Sunday night with no confirmed sightings.

Her human parents were out of town and while with the dog walker, she got spooked and the dog walker dropped the leash.

My worst nightmare.

If any of you have friends that live or work in that area, please share.

I have a post on my FB page that can be shared too for anyone who is on FB.

Thank you!


Last seen near Fairfax Dr. and N. Pollard St. (between Virginia Square and Ballston Metro)

DO NOT CHASE – Call or text with sightings (818) 527-2498

Eastbound on Fairfax Dr. and N. Pollard St.