It's pronounced ‘Fronkensteen'!

It’s pronounced ‘Fronkensteen’!

“It’s alive!” ~Dr. Frederick Frankenstein

This may be hard to believe, what with all the ‘CSI’s’ and ‘Criminal Minds’ out there leading us to believe all homicides[i] are solved[ii] in less than 60 minutes including commercials…but out of the 12,879 committed in the United States in 2014 alone, 4,572 (35.5%!) of them went unsolved.[iii]

Roughly over 200,000 homicide cases have gone cold since 1980!

It gets worse.

In 2014 alone…

  • 52.6% or 570,792 of violent crime
  • 61.1% or 61,223 of rape
  • 70.4% or 209,664 of robbery
  • 43.7% or 294,840 of aggravated assault
  • 79.8% or 5,997,378 of property crime
  • 86.4% or 1,359,555 of burglary
  • 77.0% or 4,082,686 of larceny theft
  • 87.2% or 557,872 of motor vehicle theft
  • and 78.30% or 33,308 of arson

…cases have gone unsolved[iv]!

2014 US National Clearance Data (FBI)

2014 US National Clearance Data (FBI)

Contrary to conclusions we may make based on unrealistic TV dramas, unsolved and cold cases are not the exception, they’re the norm.

That’s where Krimeshare comes in.

Even Reid can't solve EVERY case!

Even Reid can’t solve EVERY case!

Krimeshare allows for anyone; law enforcement personnel, a concerned citizen, or a university professor to post investigation cases for public discourse.

It can breathe new life into a dead, cold case with a modern presentation, mobile-friendly experience, and a variety of participatory functions – including seamless integration with social media networks.

Law enforcement agencies, why not dust off those files in the basement and give them new life?

Family members of loved ones who were victims of perpetrators never caught – maybe this is the resource you’ve been looking for?

There are so many cold cases just waiting to be given a chance for new sets of eyes and a knowledge base as big as the Internet.

Just click the submit button in the top-right to get started!

  • Create professionally-looking case page to enhance the cold case’s profile – for free.
  • Post all the pictures and videos you want*!
  • Recruit well, everyone on the Internet to help solve the case.
  • Share on social media to get the word out.
  • Give new life to a case that seemingly was dead forever.

And while you’re at it, why not check out some notable unsolved criminal cold cases over at Wikipedia [v]

circa 1818

circa 1818









[i] “Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter”

[ii] Cleared by “arrest or exceptional means”