My wife was side swiped by an 18-wheeler/tractor trailer.

All she remembers was a yellow cab and white trailer.

It hit her on drivers side so the front/right side of the cab would be damaged.

A bunch of his bolt covers popped off so they would be missing on the right wheel of the cab.

This occurred at 230pm on I-95 south right after the Old Keene Mill interchange.

The truck driver appeared to move over to the right side of the road to potentially get off the highway but we are not sure.

Virginia State Police went down 95 a few miles and found a truck but showed no signs of an accident.

Luckily she was not injured but another car with children was involved and we are likely to hold liability for the accident if we cannot come up with the truck/driver.

I-95 S, just south of Old Keene Mill Rd. Interchange