My 1988 e30 M3. God help the poor soul who ever hits and runs from it!

My 1988 e30 M3. God help the poor soul who ever hits and runs from it!

Somebody steal your car, your motorcycle?

Involved in a hit-and-run?

Pretty frustrated and angry…powerless?

Unless you’re a celebrity or lucky enough to have hard evidence identifying the culprit, chances are you’re stuck with little hope of justice and recompense – not to mention a hefty repair bill :/

Give yourself a fighting chance at justice and build a case on Krimeshare!

Krimeshare gives you the easy-to-use venue to document any evidence and material you may have on the incident.

It also provides an attractive and focused forum in which to solicit Internet Good Samaritans, wannabe Sherlock Holmes’, and other sympathizers the means in which to productively contribute to your investigation.

Offer cash rewards to entice a horde of fellow gear-heads like yourself to keep an eye for your lost love!

Krimeshare’s mobile-friendly and seamlessly integrated social media features allow for easy sharing and distribution of your story and case to all your social spheres.

If the police can’t help you and you feel hopeless and frustrated, don’t give up!

Keep the case alive and kickin’ on Krimeshare.

Just click the submit button in the top-right to get started!

  •     Create professionally-looking case page to enhance case profile
  •     Post pictures (dash cam footage, pics, etc.) and solicit folks for vehicle identification information such as year, make, and model of vehicle – and even license plate data identification
  •     Recruit local eyeballs to be on the lookout for possible suspect vehicle
  •     Share on social media to get the word out and create sympathy among your community and local law enforcement
  •     Give yourself some hope and a fighting chance that justice will be served.

Don’t be this guy!