Lolo Mariano is looking desperately for his missing granddaughter Jelian Saldoa.

Lolo Mariano is looking desperately for his missing granddaughter Jelian Saldoa.

A Facebook post in the Philippines has gone viral as a very old grandfather searches desperately for his 4-year-old granddaughter Jelian Saldoa who has been missing for over 3 weeks.

In her Oct. 25 post, Pauline Manuel describes a dramatic encounter on a Jeepney in Rizal with Mariano from Bulacan.

She met Mariano weeping and asked him what was the matter as he tearfully relayed the story of his missing granddaughter Jelian.

Mariano, who is from Brgy. Gumok, San Jose Del Monte Bulacan, only carried around with him a crumpled up “missing person” flyer with some light description of the missing Jelian including mention of a “suspect” by the name of Arlyn Robles.

If you can read Tagalog, check out the original post below.

Below that I’m posting a very rough English translation of the post.

Any folks that can translate correctly into English please post in the comment section below.

Come on Internet, we can help Lolo (grandfather) Mariano find Jelian!

as long as i am in the jeep something brought home more in the house . . . . siksikan and within the power of the music . . ! i noticed a grandfather who wept . . and then they would say that was one of the paper . . in the strength of its pagkakahikbi is not napigilan that i myself and my she is to talk . . i asked her , ‘tay , so why do you weep ? ? the ‘ she said they say away her grandchild . . . . raw jelian saldoa the name four years old . three week raw here that we are losing it . . i was very sad .

Lolo Mariano

Lolo Mariano

asked what the name of grandfather . . they say she was so mariano grandfather . . i asked was if the grandfather of where she said she in bulacan it is said . . ‘hala the range of me to be shipwrecked you are come unto me ye here in rizal ‘ . . the moment that i asked as she was weeping parin of the weeping and grandfather . more pity me in the case of grandfather . .

i asked was if the grandfather would still have a money or just any fare she said more ‘mayroon ‘ children also . . he did not take the money to reach him in the passenger . . think of the other passenger is namamalimos she erred but they . . but because of that required when another was that he would take this for a little help received it also the grandfather of mariano . . and it is for this that i go down the last of the grandfather says sakin ‘anak is , nag mamaka i pity you help i would have to see the in the moment of that is suddenly to smash my heart .

before i came down my kinuhanan the pile and grandfather was holding the paper work . . i said to him who wag he wept i do because i know the way for her assistance . . i said to him i ‘tay ipopost here in this fb lest many pong maka or have you know where you also please your grandchild . ‘ . . . she says the ‘ ‘sige children thank you . ‘ ‘ingat i said tay you please , would please you to see that your grandchild . ‘ along in my jeep sinulyapan is once again my grandfather was . . . parin her weep .

napigilan i cannot myself maluha and tears that i was to walk earlier . . and i think it is just a flash in my can daming masakyan the jeep and grandfather mariano nakasabay the more that i needed help . . maybe there is a reason why . . it mean something .

should have seen that the grandfather of her nephews and should have no evil in it was a child . i was here in nananawagan with the tender and it is good that it was . . which would please us assistance is grandfather was mariano . i please – ‘share ‘ we do so for many makabasa pong . in a simple way that this is a great help to me this grandfather and mariano is to have arrived here also kina uukulan this . . thank you . godbless kayo all .