We’re all about post-incident assistance here at Krimeshare.

Whether it’s helping gather evidence and generating awareness regarding a hit-and-run on your beloved wheels…or helping identify someone caught breaking in to your house, we want to help justice to be wrought.

And we love our cars and homes too, so here’s a few products from Black+Decker that we not only promote, but own ourselves (yeah, Black + Decker is still around…and selling some pretty great products at that).

Black & Decker BCS10B 10 Amp Simple Battery Charger

Have a car?  Does it use a battery?  Of course you do…and as a car owner you know how lame it is when your battery is dead.  This little battery charger works great.  It’s compact, easy to use, and gives simple feedback about the status of your battery (or alternator!).  A must garage-accessory.


Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station High Performance Inflator

Have a car…again?  Do the tires lose air?  Of course they do…as well as your basketballs, soccer balls, and bike tires.  This baby inflates all with ease, and even has a nifty “cut off” gauge you can preset to a specific psi to make sure the compressor shuts off when it gets to it.  No more sore knees bending down to try to get the pressure just right!


BLACK+DECKER LE750 Edge Hog 2-1/4 HP Electric Landscape Edger

Cut the grass, trimmed the bushes, and even planted some pretty flowers…but the curb appeal is still lacking for some reason?  Oh yeah, it’s because you have jungles of grass spilling on to your driveway and sidewalk.  The Edge Hog is a beast and simply obliterates all dirt and grass in the way of pure straight lines throughout your property.  Do yourself a favor.