The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office does this thing called “Fraud Friday”, where they feature a case in the area involving fraud in various capcities.

Today’s involves a couple of yokels running around with stolen credit cards and targeting National Parks visitors.

Somebody’s gotta know these folks.

Credit card thieves suspects

Credit card thieves suspects

On this #FraudFriday, we are seeking the public’s help to identify four suspects involved in a credit card theft spree targeting vehicles in the region.

The group has been targeting vehicles, most of which have been parked at National Parks in Maryland and West Virginia, and stealing credit cards.

The credit cards have been used fraudulently at area locations, including some stores in Loudoun County.

2A fifth suspect, Damon R. Albert, 43, was arrested October 26 for using the stolen credit cards to purchase items in Loudoun County.

Albert is charged with two counts of credit card fraud and two counts of forgery. Additional charges are pending.

Detectives with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Financial Crimes Unit have been working with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, MD, Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police, the United States Park Police, Maryland State Police, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Hagerstown Police Department.

Anyone with any information regarding the possible identities of the four other suspects (see attachment) are asked to call Detective S. Coderre of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Financial Crimes Unit at 703-777-0475