Update 10.11.16

Day 3  search for Ed


-This is Brian and Michelle, they gave us a lead that the homeless sleep in an encampment behind the Home Depot..

-Talked to another homeless man who has seen Ed over last several weeks and said he sleeps behind Home Depot.

-Home Depot security guard “Lamont” saw Ed 3 days ago. This is a hottest lead so far.

-We went down into rough homeless encampment and prayed with some homeless. They new Ed but we’re not willing to give us any more info. they got nervous and asked us to leave. Please continue to pray.

Update 10.10.16

Day 2 search for Ed

Please keep Praying we got a HIT at Alabama and University Dr. The store worker said he’d seen him recently, “he’s been in here a couple of times and he’s thinner, it looks like he’s been on the streets for awhile”

Update 10.9.16

Day 1 search for Ed. *A Message from Ed’s Sister*

*A Message from Ed’s Sister* From Diane Pelzner Gilbert.

“Words can not express my gratitude to Will and his band of compassionate souls as they return to SanDiego to find my beloved little brother. Please keep them and my brother in your thoughts and prayers this week. May he be found, and may he be willing to accept the help that he needs. Thanks everybody. 🙏❤️

-Note: Team landed safely in San Diego

Original Story:

Several former Young Life staff will search the streets of San Diego, CA for a missing lifelong friend that used to come to Young Life club.

This is the video from their previous trip.

Please PRAY for our upcoming trip October 9th-15th to search again.

My friend Will Cravens said, “If I was missing and homeless I’d hope that someone would come looking for me.”

This week I will be helping Will search for his lifelong friend Ed who went missing two years ago on the streets of San Diego.

Story from ABC 10 News:
Ed (right) and childhood friend Will Cravens

Ed (right) and childhood friend Will Cravens

A group of friends traveled across the country in search of their friend, Ed Pelzner, who’s been living on the streets here after his life recently fell apart.

What we’ve learned about Ed’s story so far: after his business went bankrupt, and his relationship with his girlfriend collapsed, Ed turned his back on his life and all his belongings, and left Washington, DC for the streets of San Diego.

Three of his friends arrived here a few days ago, hoping to find him. Steve Bowman, Brian Curruthers and Cravens – all businessmen who have taken a break from their own jobs and families for friendship’s sake – are walking the streets, even sleeping out on sidewalks at night, in hopes of tracking Ed down.

“If I was on the street, I would hope some friend would come looking for me,” childhood friend Will Cravens said.

“Living homeless,” Will Cravens said. “In other words, we brought no money, no ID, no nothing. We left it all at a hotel.”

If you’ve seen Ed

The hope is that by getting Ed’s picture out on the internet, they might have a better chance of locating him.

“Let him know I care about him. Spend the rest of the days I got this week with him,” Cravens said. “Let him know if he needs anything, I’ve got it. If he wants to go home, we’re happy to get him a ticket home.”

The searchers have intermittent cell service and battery power;for now, if you’ve seen Ed, email reporter Bree Steffen with the information: bree.steffen@10news.com