citi-bike-station-bikesAdditional Information provided 9/22

Last Sunday, (09/17/2016), I docked a citi bike (01277) in the Central Park W & W 72nd St. However, it turned out that the system didn’t accept it and I received a message from Citi bike which said that my bike has expired. I went back to the station and found the bike lost. I have only seven days to find it back or I will be charged $1200! Than’s too much for me! If anyone see that bike, please contact Citi bike or just docked it in the nearest station. If you just use it up, please help me return it!!! Thank you so much!!!

The Citi Bike was docked on W 72nd St, Central Park at around 4:30pm on 09/18/2016.

However then I was informed that it is still somewhere out for service.

I don’t know where it is right now.

If any find any information of the 01277 Citi Bike!

Please contact me as soon as possible. (Or please just ride it to a Citi Bike station and dock it!!!)

Thank you a lot!!!

W 72nd St, Central Park, New York

W 72nd St, Central Park, New York