UPDATE 6.15.2016:

Well a few weeks ago I noticed any semblance of the mysterious abandoned bicycle were no longer as all the rest of the components seem to have been scavenged…

Perhaps someone saw this post and went out to finish the harvest…who knows.

Sadly I don’t know if we’ll ever find out why the poor bike was abandoned in the first place :/


UPDATE 4.19.2016:

So I took my first ride of the season the other day and lo and behold, it’s still there lol!

Sans seat and handle bars, etc., but the frame, rear tire, and some other components are there…albeit just rusting away.

20160418_082134 20160418_082134X

Original Story:

DSC04417So I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday, Sunday, December 6, and went out for a great ride on the W&OD Trail.

I live in the Reston area and ride along Fairfax County Parkway for a bit to connect up with the trail at the parkway and Sunset Hills Rd.

In early November I noticed an abandoned bike locked up against the fence in a random place along the FFX County Pkwy path – right near the Spring St./Sunset Hills Rd. turn and the W&OD Trail bridge.

I found it odd for the bike to be locked up at that place because there’s really nothing around there.  But I figured perhaps someone was in a hurry or maybe had someone pick them up in a car at that location.


Don’t mind my sweet bike on the left…but yeah, there’s nothing around here.

Well when went out yesterday I noticed the bike was still there!

Sure the front wheel has since been yanked (which isn’t a surprise), but the rest of the bike is there.

And this isn’t one of those craptacular rustbuckets that you sometimes see chained up in random places.  Sure it’s not in showroom condition, but it definitely looks completely functional.

Anyways, I just am befuddled at what the story of this bike is?

Did someone in fact leave in a car in a hurry, never to return?

Is it stolen and the cops were on to the thief and they decided to chain it up and run?

Is it secretly a message system for Chinese-spies to communicate with a double-agent? (ala Robert Hansen???)

Is it secretly a message system for Chinese-spies to communicate with a double-agent? (ala Robert Hansen???)

I’m just so curious!

FYI the bike is a Schwinn Varsity – Model S2678WMD