“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” ~Sherlock Holmes

Last week a contractor putting up Christmas lights on a tree next to a small pond in suburban Michigan noticed a car under the shallow waters.

It turned out to contain the body of a man missing for 9 years…

What other mysteries are just waiting to be unlocked with the help of a little bit of altitude?!

With the availability of free satellite imagery applications out there these days like Google Earth and Bing Maps, “satellite archeologists” and amateurs detectives are taking to the skies to solve.

However despite these amazing and robust tools, technology sleuths still need a platform to present their discoveries and solicit feedback right?

Not everyone has a direct link to famous professors or evening news producers.

Why not use Krimeshare?

Set up a professionally looking case that can handle your discovery information and any associated media you wish to disclose.

Then just share your clean, coherent case to the world.

Who knows, maybe you’ll discover an odd-looking hillside hiding a Nazi WWII train full of treasure!

Just click the submit button in the top-right to get started!

  • Create a professionally-looking, mobile-friendly case page – for free, anywhere!
  • Post all the pictures and videos you want*
  • Recruit everyone on the Internet to help investigate and give feedback!
  • Share on social media to get the word out.
  • Become a famous Internet archaeologist or detective (hopefully)!  :)
Should Indy trade in his fedora and bull whip for a PC?

Time for Indy to trade in his fedora and bull whip for a PC?