aaaPlease help reconnect my Daddo with this car, 1946 Chevy Sedan, pictured in the below link.

My dad is the tall gentleman on the right.

He found it in a junk yard in the 70’s and completely restored it.

Myself and each of my 4 siblings were brought home from the hospital in this car.

He had to let it go in the 90’s and lost track of it.

He has now been searching for it for over 10 years.

Each birthday, each Christmas, each special occasion, this car is all he asks for, “Please help me find my car.”

He is a very sentimental man and has many memories with this car.

Please help us share and get the word out.

Someone out there has seen the car or knows where it might be.

Thank you for your help!



From Reddit post:


If this car has been in good condition since the 90s, and has been restored, theres a good chance that its still out there somewhere. Unfortunately, unless this thing frequents car shows by its current owner, its unlikely that anyone will know its whereabouts. I’m fairly close with a lot of the guys in my local antique car clubs and can attest to the fact that a lot of these guys horde cars. Just this afternoon I went out to my friend’s acreage and discovered that he had a ’54 International pickup that I’d never seen before, and I’ve known this guy for four years. Theres a chance this car may have been in an accident and scrapped (as with any car) or used as a donor vehicle for the restoration of another more rare version of a ’46 Chevy, but its just as likely that its sitting in a field or in a barn covered in a tarp and the owner hasn’t thought of it for a decade. I’ve seen a lot of stories like this before, and I’ve even been in your shoes trying to track down my late grandfathers ’76 Pontiac Ventura. My advice would be to try and go to your local news and see if they’ll pick up the story, it happens sometimes, my local news recently ran a story about a guy trying to find his old boat. At the very least, spam your facebook with this and see if people in your area will share it and ask around. Also it would be helpful if you posted your state and what city/county you’re in. Good luck.