“No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.” ~General Douglas MacArthur

The concept of a neighborhood watch is a wonderful idea.


Upgrade your neighborhood watch today!

“A program of systematic local vigilance by residents of a neighborhood to discourage crime” supplements nicely the reality that local law enforcement is not omnipresent.

For generations good-hearted folk have been observing their communities with a watchful eye to protect their homes, their possessions, and most importantly their families.

One of the unfortunate realities of this physical crowd-sourced engine however is that many humble neighborhood watches just do not have the manpower or resources to efficiently and effectively communicate important community information. Especially regarding ubiquitous technologies such as smartphones and the latest Internet trends.

Enter Krimeshare.

Krimeshare gives a neighborhood watch the free ability to set up investigative and community awareness cases with ease – providing their neighborhood members a modern, consistent, and mobile-friendly platform in which to read and share important information.

No need to invest in pricey custom apps, rely on a dated blog, or get lost in the noise of existing social media networks.

Krimeshare has all the tools you need to effectively get the word out to your community!

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Just email us at info@krimeshare.com to set up a community specific portal


Click the submit button in the top-right to get started creating cases for your neighborhood!

  • Create professionally-looking, mobile-friendly case pages for your neighborhood – for free, anywhere!
  • Post all the pictures and videos you want*!
  • Raise awareness within the community efficiently and effectively
  • Recruit everyone on the Internet to help solve investigations.
  • Share on social media to get the word out even more.
  • Assist local law enforcement!


*Original submissions are limited to 3 image attachments.  Please contact us if you’d like to submit more!