‘The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.’ ~Edmund Burke

4465608392_1e5ae85591_oRecorded a theft or suspicious activity on your home security defense system?

Caught video of a hit-and-run on your dashcam?

Had your iPhone out and recording when a fight broke out at the game?

Sure a small percentage of these videos make it to the news or go viral, but a whole bunch of them do not – and just sit on SD cards and HD’s taking up space, missing out on potential opportunities to help individuals and communities.

Or there’s just not enough evidence on the surface in the video for the police to even care. Redditor “redslate” found this out when his motorcycle was stolen in Denver and the police just said “meh”.

So why not give the video footage a chance on Krimeshare?

Just last week, Redditor “qoliverez” posted a plea for help when he and his girlfriend were victims of a hit-in-run in downtown Houston.

Krimeshare picked up the case and the exposure was so much that local NBC, CBS, and ABC new affiliates in Houston contacted Krimeshare hoping to find “qoliverez”.

NBC 2 (KPRC) even ran it that same evening on their 10 o’clock news.

A still image from a surveillance camera shows the man suspected of killing Amanda Blackburn. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

A still image from a surveillance camera shows the man suspected of killing Amanda Blackburn. -IMPD

The point is that security footage, dashcam video, and other sources – as blurry and mundane as they may seem – could possibly be just what an investigation needs to find life.

And Krimeshare provides the perfect and free platform in which to present it.

Even if it’s from a case long gone cold!

The public, media, and police are watching. Give that footage the legitimate exposure is needs to potentially make a difference for good.

Just click the submit button in the top-right to get started!

  • Create professionally-looking, mobile-friendly case pages for your footage – for free, anywhere!
  • Post all the pictures and videos you want*!
  • Raise awareness within the community efficiently and effectively.
  • Recruit everyone on the Internet to help solve investigations.
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  • Get the attention of local media and law enforcement!


*Original submissions are limited to 4 image attachments.  Please contact us if you’d like to submit more or would like to upload video!