SkmVQL0A little back story:  This was my dad’s truck when I was a kid.

He has Alzheimer’s now, and I hope to find a truck like this that I can restore in his honor.

I know it’s an ’85-’87 but I’m really hoping to find the exact model and trim package so I can find one as close to identical as possible.

I’m not really looking for the truck that he owned (I figure that would be near impossible), although it would be absolutely amazing if I did happen to come across it.

I am just wondering if anyone here knows if there’s anywhere I could go to find records of vehicles he has owned in the past.

I figure that would be my best shot at finding out details about the truck.

I know the dealership that he traded with when he replaced the truck, do you think there’s any chance they would have records from that far back?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I honestly don’t expect to find the truck that he owned, although that’d be great.

I just want to find one the same model/trim package if possible so I can strip it down to the frame and do a complete, proper restore.

I would lose my mind if I happened to find the truck itself, and probably spend more than I should trying to acquire it lol.



Posts from Reddit:

Definitely a 1985-1987 GMC Sierra 1500, regular cab, and looks two wheel drive.

Here’s a 1986:

1986 GMC Sierra 1500, regular cab

1986 GMC Sierra 1500, regular cab


After doing some research, I’m pretty sure this is a Sierra or a High Sierra. This one appears to have the turn signals under the headlights instead of in the grille. The Sierra Classics and the 1500 Customs had dual stacked headlights. It also looks like a base model Sierra, as it doesn’t have the chrome strip across the tailgate or the back of the cab, but it does look like it has the Rally Rims.


I’d start by looking through his old paperwork. Often insurance papers don’t get thrown out which would contain the VIN. Your ministry of transportation or DMV may be able to search his vehicle history with a drivers license number (They did this for my Dad in Ontario – found out he was still registered owner to 3 vehicle he’d sold/scrapped LONG ago). Unfortunately it’s likely you’d need Dad to be present to authorize the search. I’d visit in person and lay it out, see what they need to do a search, if they can at all. Better chances of them taking a moment to help instead of just hanging up the phone.


My mom has been searching for old paperwork on it for me, but she hasn’t been able to find anything yet. My fear is that he’d need to authorize the search for something like that, which he no longer has the presence of mind to do. My mom does have power of attorney though, so maybe she could do it. If I don’t find anything in the meantime I am going to try the DMV when I have a chance and see if they can do anything for me.


If mom has POA she should bring supporting paperwork and request the report on his behalf. Even if you get the VIN it’s a LONG shot the car is still on the road. What it would do is confirm the exact year. A VIN could also be submitted to GM for a build sheet. That’d tell you exactly what it was made with. Fortunately tats a very well supported vehicle. If you decide to do a rebuild it won’t be hard to find correct parts.


I had no idea about being able to get a build sheet from GM.

Edit just to add, I’ve already been looking into parts for them, everything is actually very cheap. By far the most expensive thing is obviously the drivetrain, but I intend to just drop a crate engine and new tranny/rear end in instead of trying to salvage an old drivetrain that has been sitting for who knows how long.