Anna Frenkel, circa 1960's

Anna Frenkel, circa 1960’s

Hello all, I’m helping a friend of mine with locating an old friend she used to know a long time ago.

The missing lady’s name is Anna Frenkel, originally from Poland.

She immigrated to Israel during 1961 and stayed in a kibbutz with my friend (Joy) who used to call her Anya.

After about a year they left each other, and since then my friend is looking for her.

As far as I understand she doesn’t live in Israel anymore, probably left back to Poland or somewhere else.

She didn’t have any relatives in Israel, so basically there is no one to ask there.

I would appreciate any idea regarding this matter…

Thank you.


Anna Frenkel, born in 1946.

Her parents were Rudy and Helen Frenkel. 

Read the letter to Rabbai Stambler in Warsaw and may be you can help.

Best regards.


Shalom rabbi Stambler,

I’m sending this email from Israel , and asking for some help in locating a Jewish woman in Poland.

Her name is Ana or Anna Frenkel, born in 1946. Her parents were Rudy and Helen Frenkel.

During 1961 she immigrated to Israel and spend some time in kibbutz „Givat Chaim Meuchad”.

At that time she had a friend named Joy, and she is looking for Anna now since they were not in touch  for a long time.

I enclosed a picture of her from the kibbutz.

I wonder if there is any chance that someone there knows her or anything about her, and I’ll appreciate any information you might have.

Thanks a lot,

Moti Tal.