A violent act of road rage was caught on camera and now police are searching for an alleged suspect.

Police say a couple was driving on Hwy 62 in Muskogee County when a red Dodge pickup truck pulled up behind them.

“This guy came up behind us, just going crazy,” Gracie Bottger told FOX 23. “He was driving like a lunatic.”

A passenger in another vehicle started recording the truck driver after he was mere inches away from the couple’s bumper.

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Bottger says she and her boyfriend were trying to pass another car to their right when they were rammed by the truck.

“We went to go pass them and that’s whenever he like rammed into us,” she said.

Bottger’s boyfriend, Noah Wilson, was driving the car and immediately knew they were in trouble.

“I told her to hold on because I didn’t know how bad it was gonna get,” Wilson said.

The couple’s car went across both lanes of traffic into a guard rail, missing another car by a couple of feet.

While their car is severely damaged, the couple suffered only minor injuries.

The driver of the pickup truck didn’t stop and is still on the loose.

However, police say the driver is on their radar and they are asking for the public’s help finding him.

Damage to Nissan 300ZX

Damage to Nissan 300ZX