Someone has slashed 5 of my tires in the past week…on a car I just bought (All 4 one night, now another after I had them replaced).

Luckily, the last incident was caught on camera but I cannot seem to get a clean image of the perpetrator.

Police can’t ID him from the current footage.

Is there anything you can do to help me get a clean(er) image of his face?

I’ve tried cleaning up in Adobe Premiere and Photoshop by my knowledge is limited.

I have no personal enemies and I’m a generally nice person who would never to do this to someone.

Judging from the video, I do not know this person at all.

Perhaps I parked somewhere he didn’t like (Lots of gentrification issues around here).

Help me, Reddit.

You’re my only hope.



2400 block Trenton Ave., Fishtown

2400 block Trenton Ave., Fishtown