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The Dakota County Sheriff’s Department says Bryan Joas was riding his bike home from work on March 8th when a vehicle hit him and then drove away. On Thursday, authorities announced they’re looking for a two-door silver or light colored pickup truck with a loud muffler. The sheriff’s department says the vehicle will have damage to the front passenger side.

Possible vehicle description is:

“2 door silver or light colored truck.

The suspect vehicle did NOT have a topper on it, and was described as having a loud muffler.”

Official photo of a piece believed to be from the vehicle, photo is from Sheriff’s.

Credit: Dakota County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Dakota County Sheriff’s Office


There was a cyclist hit by a car about a month ago.

Was airlifted from the scene and is still in critical condition.

Several surgeries later he has no colon, a severely broken pelvis and his kidneys and liver are still not functioning.

The accident happened south of the Twin Cities on a rural road in Eureka township.

A few pieces of the suspected vehicle were found at the scene.

There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the driver.

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Text from the Sheriff’s office:

9819489_1457636729.1692“UPDATE TO THE HIT AND RUN OF BRYAN JOAS Bryan is in critical condition, but off the ventilator and responsive. Detectives have developed an eye witness who provided a description of the vehicle, described as a 2 door silver or light colored truck. The suspect vehicle did NOT have a topper on it, and was described as having a loud muffler.

“The suspect vehicle will have damage to the passenger headlight, moldings, and bug deflector or window vent visor. Pieces of the truck were left at the scene. One piece of evidence collected at the scene. This is believed to be a bug deflector, or window vent visor. (see the attached photo)

“The bike ridden by Bryan was sent to the BCA for analysis looking for paint transfer or other identifying marks. The Dakota County Electronics Crime Task Force is analyzing Bryan’s phone for additional evidence.

“Bryan has been employed by MHC Software of Burnsville since 2000. Bryan’s employer has generously increased the reward amount. The reward leading to an arrest is now at $10,000 !

“DCSO is urging the person driving the vehicle that hit Bryan Joas to contact Detective Ryan Fitzgerald @ 651-438-4729”


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