Around April 21st, 4:30 AM two people in a red pickup truck backed into the front yard and attempt to hook up a loaded utility trailer.

Thankfully the dog was outside and started barking at them.

Opened the front door, ask them what they are doing and the guy says “We are looking for gas”.

A threat to call the cops scared them off.

Cops showed up 30 minutes later and said there is nothing they can do other than a report and take a copy of the footage.

I’ve looked at the video a few dozen times and it looks like its been organized and planned out a few days.

Checked other properties owned by my parents and the same tire tracks can be seen on the ground.

Checked everything three times and nothing is missing from any of the properties.

Searched the security system a few times and I cannot find them entering the other properties within the last ~72 hours of the incident, so them entering the properties has been overwritten with newer footage.

The trailer is now secured with a backhoe in front while the back end of the trailer is against the wall of the house.

Items in the trailer have been locked down with multiple lock cables and locks.

The security cameras were set on a low setting so the video is rather crappy, but is it even possible to try to get a clearer image of the guys face?

The video is about ~50MB.  Action starts at ~1 minute.