I really don’t know what to do here.

I’ve been in car accidents, but in this case the guy swerved and hit my car coming off of exit 10B from I-10 W to US-29 N/Pensacola Blvd in Ensley, FL.

I really don’t think he meant to actually hit my car, because when I actually saw him get out of the car he said something about almost making contact.

After it happened I FLIPPED OUT, I’ve had this car just over a month.

IMG_4782XSo I sped up and started to follow the guy, he pulled over at the first gas station after the exit, which was a Kangaroo Express.

He got out of the car and yelled “WHAT THE **** YOU COULD HAVE HIT MY CAR.” and I said, YOU HIT MY CAR, and he went inside quickly and bought some stuff as I was calling the police, then when he came back out, he looked at my car and said “shit” to himself, hopped in his car and booked it.

The dude was crazy, so I wasn’t trying to approach him, I mean if he’s willing to server into someones car on the road and risk his own life doing so, I could only imagine what he was capable of off of the road.

I just told him I was calling the police.

I filed a police report, but the way the state trooper was talking to me seemed like he wasn’t going to be able to really help.

I have pictures of his truck at the scene, and everything and the cop told me, “We need to find a way to put him here at the scene.”

So I said to him, “Okay? Well there’s two cameras right up here bro, and he made a purchase while he was inside, and I have pictures of his truck here at this gas station, and his plate info, WHAT ELSE COULD YOU NEED?”


I mean I get it, you hate your job, but I need something done here…

If there’s any other questions or anything feel free to ask me questions, I’m going to do my best to stay on here to answer questions as quickly as possible.