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A local boy needs help finding his best friend.

There’s a desperate search to find the canine.

DeShawn and Bunz

DeShawn and Bunz

FOX 29’s Karen Hepp has the family’s heartbreaking plea.

15-year-old DeShawn Williams’ best friend has 4 legs.

When he got Bunz last year the dog changed his life.

They’re 2 peas in a pod; snuggling, playing and communicating in their own special way.

And now for the first time DeShawn,who has autism, is opening up to the outside world as well.

Just talking is a miracle because for years Deshawn was nonverbal and the dog helped bring him out of his shell.

Doctors told his mom, Gloria, she’d never hear those precious words, I love you.

However, Bunz changed that.

“His dog is like a sibling to him, maybe like a brother, come here ,don’t do that.

All those things he was really never said before,” his grandmother Gail Garrett told FOX 29.

Sadly, somehow Bunz slipped out the door Tuesday morning and ran off.

He’s still missing and the the whole family is devastated because he is so important to DeShawn.

If you find Bunz, please contact Gloria at


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