So the truck in the video has been circling my shop for some time now, randomly and always late at night.

He uses the large container in the bed for purposes of siphoning fuel out of our trucks and several others I’m sure.

We’ve got locking gas caps on two of our vehicles however the third uses a weird size that we’ve been unable to source so far.

This guy has hit our shop several times and has siphoned over 500 gallons of diesel from our trucks in the last several months… it’s getting expensive.

Truck looks like this 1987-91 Ford F250

Truck looks like this 1987-91 Ford F250 (opposite two-tone colors)

Any chance someone might be able to work some video voodoo and possibly identify a plate number, truck model info, etc..?

It’d be greatly appreciated and would help us get some useful info to the local police to resolve this issue.

It’s getting really old, really fast. I’m sure you can imagine. Any help at all would be awesome

Raw video link —

The video looks terrible when viewing directly from the link however I’ve been using VLC Player and the plate details are much clearer but i still cant quite make much out.


 Some comments from OP:


Its a 1987-91 Ford F250.


86815?” Where is this located?