NEW SIGHTING! Thurs. Approx.830 AM Timbermill Court running towards Twin Mills (Oakton). Please keep a look out and spread the word!!


Just got word that yesterday’s sighting of HT’s foster “Kate” not false alarm after all!

Last seen in Oakton on the far end of Linda Marie Dr. Linda Marie is off of Vale, but she was at the far end away from Vale in the woods.

Please keep a look out and spread the word!!




Lost foster dog here in Reston!

Not one of mine or CDRs, trying to help another foster family with another rescue, as this would be my worst nightmare so my heart really goes out to them.

Lost near National Golf Course (foster lives on Indian Ridge Road and got away on Reston trail behind their house).

She’s very scared and has been gone already three days with no sightings.

Leash still attached, so she may be stuck somewhere.

If you live or work in the immediate area, please, please look in your yards, under decks, anywhere a dog could hide. This pup has been through a lot in the past month.

  • 30 lbs.  beagle/bluetick coonhound mix
  • Non-agressive, but likely will run away if approached

If you would like to help search, let me know and I can provide more info.

A sighting is really really important to get this pup home.

Poor dog was rescued from an abuse situation and finally safe in foster care and got spooked an ran off three days ago.

If spotted, call 703-593-3914 (Lauren) or 703-389-2585 (Greg)

If you live in the Reston area or know people who do, please, please share.

If she’s hiding, esp in someone’s yard, its going to be hard to find her (b/c people don’t want people traipsing through their yards) without everyone looking.

Poor dog. She needs home today!