Zg8Me7eHi guys, our neighborhood just got hit with a string of break-in’ss and we have a license plate cam that was just installed in one of the neighbor’s houses.

But as luck would have it the installers had not yet focused the camera.

So I have a fuzzy picture of the license plate, and was wondering if anyone could help enhance and figure out the state and number.

There is also a picture of what is believed to be the car, so if anyone can ID the make and model and year.


The pictures were taken in Texarkana, which is a city that borders Texas and Arkansas.

It is also a short distance from Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Could be from anywhere, but those are the closest and therefore (to my mind) the most likely places the plates would be from.

Knowledge of license plate designs and numbering schema would be helpful as well.


One last tip: from the car picture there did not seem to be a license plate on the front of the car.

So assuming that the license plate was not stolen, that would seem to make the states which require front license plates less likely.

Thanks in advance for any help! (And yes, we have already contacted the police).