Long shot...but can anyone identify these license plates?

Long shot…but can anyone identify these license plates?

Guys, I’ll be honest I’m just a nobody trying make an honest buck doing Uber and using it to pay for tuition and provide my senior mother some money since she can non longer work.

I’m by no means young anymore and I went through a lot just to get a car to be able to do rideshare.

Even though I have a dashcam for incidents like this the white balance on the camera just completely took out the plates so I cant find the punks who did this to me.

This past week i had a vehicle purposely sideswipe me and take off and it caused over $1,200 worth of damage.

Can anyone lend me a hand and I’ll do my best to provide the video in the best possible formats to see if we can get the plates?

The backstory is this, I drove into a street that I didn’t realize was a cul-de-sac.

A car was sitting in the middle of the street and refused to move.

Upon going around it and coming back around to exit the street I had a word with the driver and to my horror realized it was some young punks gang-banger types.

Well they weren’t too happy I asked them why they wouldn’t give me any room to pass them not once but twice, despite me not laying down the horn or being an asshole about it.

Now I’m afraid to even drive at night or around my neighborhood in fear they might come after me or my car again.

Sorry for the rant I’ve been so frustrated lately and keep blaming myself over and over.

I just don’t understand how some people can just ram their car into someone, I’m also so very grateful that my car stalled and that they left me alone.

My instinct told me to chase them down but I wouldn’t have known what to do if they had weapons or worse disabled my car since there was three of them.

Thank You!