01In a Walgreens parking lot in Carrollton, TX this person hit my (3 month old) car and drove away.

It’s not extremely urgent that I find this person, but it would be really nice because I am a college student with rent and loans and I can’t afford the deductible.

Plus I’m just really bitter about the whole thing.

It was a huge hassle to get the video from the manager but I work in the pharmacy so eventually he agreed.

The police are not cooperative and though I’m sure they have more important things to worry about, they could at least return my calls.

Decent people don’t damage someone’s property and not leave a note. Not to mention if you can’t pull out of a parking spot properly, who knows what other damage he could cause.

Anyway It looks to me like a Ford Escape??? (I could be wrong) Maybe dark green/blue/black. Not sure due to lighting.

Can anyone tell the color? I’m really bad with Photoshop, but maybe someone here with some editing skills can help me out.

Here is the video on Youtube, it occurs at about 00:40 but in the beginning, the driver is parked for a long while thus eliminating any motion blur.

and here is the full file without any quality loss to allow for editing.

The video is a bit long but I didn’t want to trim it because I think that reduces the quality?

If anyone could help, I would be extremely grateful. On the contrary, if anyone can tell me the video is garbage and I need to move on, I would still be grateful for a response.