Mercy Covington

Mercy Covington

Yesterday, I posted news of the disappearance of my sister, Mercy Covington. There’s been a tremendous outpouring of support and awareness in response. Online news sites and local news in the Dallas area have covered or are planning to cover the story. For this, I want to thank everyone, especially the game community, for rallying around the search for Mercy.

Unfortunately, local police have responded negatively to the increased attention. They believe Mercy ran off on her own and that there’s nothing to be investigated, despite her being gone for nearly 30 days, the threats sent to me which included her name/location, and suspicious evidence discovered at her home after her disappearance. They’ve told Mercy’s mother, “Go look for her on your own.”

In my original post I shared death threats made against me in which Mercy was included. These were sent by a person with a clear history of being anti-Gamergate. What connection this person or those posts have to her disappearance, I don’t know. I get death threats – but I’ve never received one in which my sister is mentioned by name.

To be clear: I do not wish to politicize the situation, only to share information that may be relevant to the investigation. Sharing that information would have been “easier” for everyone if the person making the threats had not included the word Gamergate. I wish that word had not been included, the threats had not been made, and that my sister were not missing.

At this point we’re asking for one simple thing: That the Dallas PD take seriously the disappearance of my sister. They have leads, suspects, a potential crime scene, and death threats to investigate. So, please, do what you can to get the message to the Dallas Police Department

A new community page has been set up to share support and information:


Please Help – Share and Re-Post!

My sister, Mercy Covington, has been missing since November 10th, 2015. She was last seen being dropped off at home after work on November 9th at around 8PM.

Her home is in East Dallas (Casa Linda area), and her usual hangouts are in Downtown Dallas, East Dallas, and Oak Cliff.

Mercy is 41-year old mother of three.

We have very little information to go on at this point, but do suspect foul play.

One disturbing bit of evidence is an anti-Gamergate death threat made against me by an individual living in Dallas who mentions Mercy by name. While it’s not unusual for me to receive death threats, it’s never been the case that one contains the names and location of family members. We are uncertain what connection this person may have to Mercy, but the messages have been given to police. I have also added them to this post (be warned they contain graphic content).

Thus far the police have done little to investigate Mercy’s disappearance and our family is quite desperate.

If you’ve seen Mercy or have any information regarding her whereabouts, please message me or contact the Dallas Police Department.

American McGee

DPD Contact Info
* (@DallasPD): https://twitter.com/DallasPD?s=09
* Chief David O. Brown (@DPDChief): https://twitter.com/DPDChief?s=09
* Jack Evans Police HQ 214-671-3001

FBI Contact Info
* (@FBIDallas): https://twitter.com/FBIDallas?s=09
* fbi.dallas@ic.fbi.gov
* Phone (972) 559-5000
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