Posting for a friend. Help if you can, I’ll relay any helpful info.


I’m hitting dead end after dead end in the search of my biological father. I implore everyone to share this, pretty pretty please!

  • His name is John Baisden and is approx 62-64 years old.
  • He would have at least 2 sons from a marriage prior to 1978.
  • I believe those sons would be between the ages of 42-46 (currently) but I’m not 100% sure.

John Baisden was from West Virginia but was in the Columbus Ohio area from 1977 (maybe earlier) until at least 1979-1980 (and could very well still be in the area).

I was born and put up for adoption in June 1978 here in Columbus Ohio.

If everyone could please share, and share again I would be forever grateful!

**An update to this post; Unfortunately I don’t know his middle name or middle initial. My biological mom couldn’t remember if he had ever told her. They were only together for about year before I came along. I’m getting the impression it was more of a “lets have fun” relationship, rather than a “let’s really get to know each other” relationship. I send her possible matches but she never even met his sons and isn’t sure he ever talked about them except to say he had them from a previous relationship. They were from the same woman though so that’s a good thing, means their last names are probably the same.

**A few other pieces of info is that at one point my biological father lived on North 4th Street back in the late ’70s, maybe ’77 or ’78, and also North Linden area at around the same time.