Brentwood Kohl's

Brentwood Kohl’s

In Brentwood, California, two men have been scamming women:

The Brentwood Police Department confirmed a November 7 incident where a woman and her young son were kidnapped and drove to a bank where she withdraw $1,900 from her account.

According to Police, a Hispanic female and her son were exiting Kohl’s on Lone Tree Way around 11:30 am when she observed a Hispanic man sitting near her car. The male provided a sob story to her about being down on his luck without any money. He offered her a gold bar to purchase.

The female tried to comfort him when a second Hispanic male walked up behind her. The four entered her vehicle and out of fear for her and her sons life, drove them to Wells Fargo Bank on Lone Tree Way.

Police say that she cooperated where she withdrew $1,900 to purchase the gold bar. They then drove back to the Kohl’s parking lot where they were released. The two men then threw the gold bar at her before fleeing on foot. The gold bar was a fake per police and during the incident, no weapon was ever produced.

Brentwood Police stated Tuesday that the men involved played off sympathy and the case was labeled a kidnapping because the female and her son feared for her and her sons life.

Police explained that the female waited two days to report the incident because she was scared, but after believing the she saw a male similar to the subject from Kohl’s, she reported it believing he was following her.

Brentwood Police also confirmed this matches a similar incident in May where an elderly female was targeted using the same sob story and offered to buy the gold bar out of sympathy–the golf bar turned out to be a fake.

Brentwood Police provided no further details on the incident.

Anyone with information regarding the sale of gold bars in the Kohl’s parking lot is encouraged to call Detective Eric Huesman at 925-809-5732.

The Brentwood Police Department would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season.


Brentwood Police clarified after this incident was published, that the female was never forced into the vehicle, she was cooperative and drove them to the bank to purchase the gold bar out of fear for her and her sons safety.

The Hispanic males were described as:

  • 5’6″ overweight in their 50’s (50-60)
  • brown eyes
  • one had black hair
  • the other had black/gray hair.