20151114_191144-1After eating dinner with my husband Saturday night at Guapos in the Fair Lakes Shopping Center we took one last picture and I was still wearing it but – 20 min after I wasn’t .

After the restaurant we went to Walmart in the same shopping center for one thing and on the way out I noticed I didn’t have the ring on anymore.

I’m not sure if I dropped it in the restaurant when I grabbed a napkin, when parking, or during our short visit to Walmart.

I’d love if it could be recovered as it means a lot to me!

It has a name and date on the inside and my husband wears an identical one; so it’s easy for me to prove its mine .

I’ll appreciate your help.  Thank you!

PS:  I’ll give a reward to anyone that helps me get it back.


Fair Lakes Shopping Center

Fair Lakes Shopping Center

Guapo's in Fair Lakes

Guapo’s in Fair Lakes