French police issued an appeal late Tuesday to help identify one of the suicide bombers involved in the Paris attacks — a man whose face appeared on a Syrian passport bearing another name.

The appeal for information and accompanying photo circulated described the individual as the “dead mastermind” of one of Friday’s attacks on Paris’s Stade de France.

The man’s face matched one Greek officials previously said appeared on a Syrian passport bearing the name Ahmad Almohammad which was presented for registration on the Greek island of Leros. The man bearing the passport was fingerprinted and photographed.


The same fingerprints were taken when a man with the same initials — A.A. — requested asylum at the Presevo border crossing in Serbia four days later, according to Serbian authorities.

Forensics experts matched those fingerprints to a deceased terrorist involved in Friday’s attack on Paris’ Stade de France.

French justice minister Christiane Taubira told NBC News the passport used in Greece bearing the name Almohammad was likely not genuine — and the appeal for information appeared to confirm that.

The deceased attacker was one of seven terrorists who died in the siege across Paris which killed 129 people and injured more than 300.

Since then, an international manhunt has been underway to find any possible accomplices. An international arrest warrant has been issued for 26-year-old Salah Abdeslam, whose brother was among the attackers.

A second fugitive also was being hunted on Tuesday, according to The Associated Press.