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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia Police are investigating after they say two people were found shot to death inside an SUV parked in Fairmount Park.

Authorities say the discovery was made around 2:40 p.m. Friday in the 800 block of Lemon Hill Drive by two Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department employees.

1511997504671272113Police say those workers went to ask the driver to move the vehicle from the grass near Lemon Hill Mansion when they noticed the rear passenger window was shattered. Police say they looked inside and found the bodies of a 25-year-old Shakoor Arline and 32-year-old Lisa Smith in the back seat of the vehicle, both with multiple gunshot wounds to the head and in various states of undress.

Police and medics were called, and the victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

“The crime scene unit will be taking the vehicle down to the morgue itself,” said Police Captain Ray Convery. “They’re going to tow it out of here, so they’ll be able to do the further investigation down there without disturbing any of the evidence that’s inside of the vehicle.”

Police confirmed Saturday that the case was being investigated as a double-homicide.

No weapon has been recovered.

No motive or arrests have been made at this time.


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A man and woman found in a Philadelphia park fatally shot in an SUV were having sex in the back seat and their killer sought the couple out, police said.

Homicide Capt. James Clark said Monday that Shakoor Arline, 25, and Lisa Smith, 32, were together in the SUV early Friday when someone opened the rear door and fired nine times, shooting both multiple times in the head.

Maintenance workers found their bodies around 2 p.m. Friday near Lemon Hill Mansion, a historic building in the city’s Fairmount Park. Clark said the shootings happened between midnight and 5 a.m.

Arline and Smith met at work at a previous job and had been seeing each other on and off for several years, Clark said. Both were also in relationships with other people.

“So obviously that’s where our investigation is going to start, because somebody knew that they were in the park at that time and obviously had an issue with that,” he said.

Clark said nothing was taken and the case was not a robbery.

“You’ve got nine shots fired, all of them head shots to both of the victims, so it appears to be very much a crime of passion,” Clark said.

Investigators have talked to a woman and are trying to talk to a man, but don’t consider him a person of interest at this point.