2000px-Flammable_liquid.svgFairfax County firefighters responded to a strong odor of gasoline near the 6300 block of Multiplex Drive, at approximately 12:00 p.m. on Sept. 21 in Centreville.

Hazardous Materials units and investigators subsequently responded and determined a strong odor of gasoline coming from multiple areas, including a dry creek bed, a sewer line, and a nearby retention pond.

Investigators said they determined gasoline present in several of those areas and are taking all necessary precautions and are conducting operations to ensure the safety of residents in the area, locating the source, while simultaneously providing oversight of the gasoline clean-up. The amount of spilled gasoline is to be determined.

Colonial Pipeline has deployed workers to also investigate and inspect the pipelines in the area and have shut down several multi-product pipelines in the area. Miller Environmental is currently providing clean-up services at the scene.

The operation is also being supported by Department of Public Works and Environmental Services and Fairfax Water. The Virginia Department of Emergency Management is also on scene. The department continues to work closely with Colonial Pipeline

Three businesses in the shopping center have been closed as a precautionary measure.

Colonial Pipeline has set up a community assistance web site:  https://colonialresponse.jettyapp.com; and a hotline for residents who have any questions: (866)-601-5880