I went back to Facebook to tell my friend about this, and lo and behold, the dog has been found 2½ days later dumped at the same spot tied to a tree.

Maybe, we had something to do with it, maybe the posts or shares scared the culprits into returning the poor fella.

Either way, thank you for your help. Case closed. :)


Hi all, I’m posting for a friend.

A friend of mine has had her dog go missing or stolen.

We’re looking for a

  • tan bulldog
  • which went missing 20th Sept 2015 approx 11am at Dunkery Beacon, Exmoor, near Porlock, Horner, and Somerset.

Local vets and Dog Warden had been informed and a member of the public has come forward to say that they have seen a dog matching the description with a man in his 40s wearing glasses. The man met a woman with a black ponytail dressed like a horsey-type, she put the dog into a black Rav4. There was already a Staffie in the car.

I know it’s not much to go on, but here hoping we might be able to find something.

Thanks all