blp-banner-1600pxMy wife and I spent a beautiful afternoon at Burke Lake Park in Fairfax Station, VA yesterday.  Unfortunately we may have witnessed indecent exposure by a sexual pervert at best and a predator at worst.

We entered the park at about 3:00pm from the carousel and train parking lot entrance and joined the main path encircling the lake after cutting through the first few holes of the disc golf course in the woods.  We then headed counter-clockwise around the lake towards the marina.

Burke Lake Park Marina Facility

Burke Lake Park Marina Facility

About 100 yards from the marina we noticed a man about 25 feet off the path near the edge of the water partly facing the water – who looked like at first that he was going to the bathroom.  He was:

  • a portly white gentlemen in his late 50’s, 60’s
  • with short, white hair
  • black trousers
  • and a blue button-down striped dress shirt on

As we passed by the man, my wife believed he wasn’t going to the bathroom at all, but masturbating (in public).

Upon arriving at the crowded marina a minute later we notified the park staff.  When we double-backed about 15 minutes later he was gone.


In retrospect considering the marina, with bathrooms, was only about 75-100 yards away from where the man was (we did not know this at the time) and the fact it was a fairly open wooded area right next to main park walking path that a lot of people were walking, the possibility he was just “taking a leak” seems unlikely.  Plus my wife was fairly convinced his disposition was of a “sexual nature”.

The incident took place at the red dot, about 75-100 yards west of the marina area.

The incident took place at the red dot, about 75-100 yards west of the marina area.

This is especially concerning because of how many young children where in the area with their family and friends on a beautiful day.  I noticed two young girls in a canoe in the water not just 30 yards away from where the man was standing.


Burke_Lake_Park_(14182067787)We hope that the park staff took our notification into account and executed some sort of protocol procedure, and also contacted the Fairfax County Police Department.

If you know of any related information please share here and share this incident to warn other concerned parents when to be on the lookout when they go to Burke Lake Park.