Power company will not ask for debit card payment, they say

Scam Alert!

Scam Alert!

Town of Herndon police say several business and residential customers in the Town of Herndon have been the targets of recent fraud attempts by scammers posing as Dominion Power representatives. Police say the caller will contact the business or resident by telephone, tell them that the account is past due, and threaten to disconnect electrical service immediately if payment is not made. The caller will ask for immediate payment in cash via PayPal, ReloadIt, MoneyPak, Green Dot or any prepaid debit card.

After the customer obtains the debit card he is instructed to provide a code number from the card to the caller. The caller then will access the money from the debit card. Dominion Power will never ask for payment over the phone or require payment on a prepaid debit card, according to Dominion representatives.

1024px-Dominion_logo.svgPolice warn residents that if they receive a call from someone claiming they are from Dominion Power demanding immediate payment with a threat of power being cut off, they should be suspicious. Customers should end the conversation and call Dominion Power directly using contact information on their Dominion Power bill.

Report suspicious activity here or call the Herndon police at 703-435-6846.