They were purchased in Philadelphia, PA. I called the antiques dealer and she mentioned they were picked up at an estate sale in Bala Cynwyd/Merion Station, PA. Sadly it looks like Fred E Fowler has passed away however his wife now lives in FL with their daughter. Would still love to find out more about him as well as where he came from!


I recently bought a couple of old travel guides from an antique store, they were the usual guides to sites, maps, etc. After taking them home and looking at them closer, I found they all belonged to one individual who went on an extended vacation in the fall/winter of 1937/38.

He was fortunate enough to have toured Europe on the eve of WWII (some of the Munich travel attractions are visiting the local Nazi offices for instance and other maps obviously don’t display WWII memorials and monuments/reflect buildings that were destroyed in the war).

Given the length of time he was away (3 months), the amount of money that he spent ($832 in 1937 dollars, equal to over $14k today), as well as the number of places he visited led me to believe the individual must have come from quite a background.

As I kept looking through the materials I purchased, I kept finding more and more personal notes and felt a deeper connection/interest in finding the individual. I’d appreciate any help tracking down the individual or any family members so I can reach out to them. All the details I have are as follows:

  • Name:            Fred E Fowler
  • Date of Trip: November 1937 – January 1938
  • Stops:            UK, Paris, Munich, Switzerland, Austria (Vienna), Budapest

Any help that someone could provide would be appreciated. I would love to try to pair up the sparse information that I have with the matching stories to go along with the trip. Thanks for all your help!