“Leilei” was a cat living in Munich, Germany. she was 17 years old and couldn’t hear anymore. She had to be euthanized due to the heavy internal injuries. Her family found her lying in pain under a bench, with one of the hind legs missing.  The doctor conluded after looking at the internal injuries that she got kicked multiple times. Her owners promised the person that finds the murderers 500 Euros.   See below article (translated German)

hasenberglAbout Leileis destiny report their holders today in the Munich Tageszeitung after her cat is now died from their serious injuries. Just a few meters from the apartment the family Schleiff it should be happening, in Munich’s Hasenbergl. There, the TZ had visited the family after last week an APB for a Tierquäler had surfaced on Facebook.

The background: One afternoon disappeared 17-year-old Leilei without a trace. Her family had moved away briefly from home. When they came back, they suddenly heard her cat outside sad maunzen. Huddled Leilei finally crouched under a bench on the terrace.

Leileis sight shocked the whole family

The sight of her cat must have been a shock to the family. Someone had the kitten so so trimmed, that she was no longer able to walk. “The back leg hanging off the bone was completely off,” said the father of the newspaper TZ.

At the vet it was soon the full extent of the attack: hip fracture was the diagnosis. On the basis of further injury of the animal, the doctor assumed that Leilei must have been repeatedly kicked by someone.


“The Gut-wrenching ordeal of lei lei. We would like to thank each individual in the with the help and are overwhelmed on the sympathy. We hope very much that the or the perpetrators will be found and therefore a statement is set. Tierquälern gives no chance!”

Cat had to be put down

After surgery, the cat first came back to her family. But soon she spat blood and no longer ate. So Leilei came again to the vet, who then found a failure.With a heavy heart, and on the advice of the veterinarian decided their owners to redeem cat Leilei.

Paterfamilias Gerd Schleiff is particularly appalled by the cowardice of the perpetrator: Just because his cat could no longer hear, it was easy to sneak up behind her.

He therefore promised 500 euros one who finds the murderer of his cat!

The animal rights activist Stella Torma has discovered and photographed Gerd Schleiffs APB randomly. She put him on Facebook online in the hope that many people see him and share, so that the animal abusers can be found.

"Please to help!!! Hasenbergl L. Road!! Poor cats brutally killed!! About 2 months have been hanged 2 other cats. ... Please help with to get this useless scum!!!"

“Please to help!!!
Hasenbergl L. Road!!
Poor cats brutally killed!!
About 2 months have been hanged 2 other cats. …
Please help with to get this useless scum!!!”