Unknown vandal in Prague doused beer, spat, and finally scratched a luxury Porsche belonging to house musician Daniel Landa| Photo: Reprofoto

PRAGUE – An unknown vandal in Prague doused beer, spat, and finally scratched a luxury Porsche belonging to house musician Daniel Landa. It stood next to Landa’s house and is covered in the popular singer’s runic characters. Damage has reached about 60,000 Czech crowns. Police are searching and pleading for help from the public.

Musician Daniel Landa succinctly expressed in thoughts, and sent the security footage to Lidovky.cz:

“I gave it (security footage) to the police and the media are now looking over the identity of the perpetrator, I do not intend to ever pay for it myself. Otherwise, if we do not resolve it, people are just different. ”

The car was parked in Vyšehrad on July 23 shortly after 1:00pm when a young man peered in with a bottle of beer in his hand, accompanied by a girl. He doused the Porsche with beer, threw a cigarette in one of the windows of the car, bent a mirror, and spit on the good. Finally he took a cobblestone and circled around the perimeter of the car scratching it.

“The suspect has caused damage of around 60,000 Czech crowns.   In the case of the apprehension and conviction of the offender threatens up to one year behind bars and, of course, compensation and damages,” said police spokesman Martínková.

Police are now looking for not only the vandal, but also the girl who accompanied him and any witnesses.” According to the CCTV recording of the young man several bystanders who were at the site stopped and watched the incident. Even though the police have not received any notification online, ” the spokeswoman said.

Policemen posted a surveillance camera, which has a well-recognizable face of the young man and the girl. The young man had blond hair, back and sides shaved, wearing tight black pants, a gray sweatshirt, sports shoes and bright bag over his shoulder. The girl’s hair was dyed and wearing a short white dress.

Landa has collected over 1.2 million sold records, is also behind the Pied Piper musicals, secrets, desires and last key kings, from which it has advised the audience did not receive the second part. Musical drama Secret of the Golden Dragon, under which Landa signed as scriptwriter and music is the most successful performances in the history of the National Theatre Brno. Landa against hosting the National Theatre Brno Brno protested part of the cultural community. Some people resented his skinhead past and supposedly xenophobic attitudes.

Landa is also engaged in a number of extreme sports .Run competitively in cars, diving with sharks, and struggle in Thai boxing.