Camp Shelby remains on heightened alert following a shooting incident near the military installation Tuesday.

Mississippi authorities are looking for a white male suspect, who allegedly fired three to four shots near two soldiers who were on guard near a traffic checkpoint. The soldiers were not injured.8486827_G

Perry County Sheriff Jimmy Dale Smith said it happened around 11:30 a.m., just outside of Camp Shelby.

The suspect was seen driving a small 90’s pickup truck, maroon in color — the make and model unknown.

Perry County Sheriff’s deputies and the Mississippi Highway Patrol responded right away. They located what they thought was the suspect vehicle at a home in New Augusta — right outside Hattiesburg.

Two men were brought in for questioning but were let go a short time later — after it was determined they had nothing to do with the case.

At this time, the investigation and search for the suspect is still underway.

“I have requested the assistance of the Mississippi Highway Patrol and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation in this matter. Investigators are presently following up on leads that have developed in this case,” said Sheriff Smith.

“Based on the report that we got — we do feel like this was random. The gunshots were pretty much fired in the air as the vehicle was passing. our soldiers. Based on the report, the soldiers weren’t at any time in any harm. They were in a vehicle. Of course we are on heightened alert. It’s what we do. Our force protection measures have just recently been increased as a result of those fatal shootings in Chattanooga and we remain on a high state of alert,” said Col. Greg Michel, Camp Shelby Post Commander.

Anyone with information in this case comment here or contact the Perry County Sheriff’s Office at 601-964-8461.

Suspect's vehicle may look similar to this 90's small pickup

Suspect’s vehicle may look similar to this 90’s small pickup