An individual was caught attempting to break into cars on a security camera Jan. 10.

A resident of the Braemar Community of Bristow captured images of a suspicious male who attempted to break into cars in the area of Scales Place early morning Jan. 10; however, police have no new leads in the incident.

“Around the beginning of Jan we had a man attempt to break into our neighbors cars, our car, and even approach our front door,” said a Bristow resident.”Our neighbor has snap shots of the man and have been given to the police.”
While police did investigate the 6 a.m. incident, the individual was gone when police arrived, police spokesman Officer breakinimage3Jonathan Perok said.

Residents of Bristow are turning social media to express their concern of increased reports of criminal incidents in the area.

Police released a Crime Alert for Bristow communities in October and a reminder at the end of January.

They are asking residents to continue to be vigilant, keep homes and property secure, and immediately report suspicious activity.