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Hit-and-Run on Cloverfield and Broadway – Santa Monica, CA

I saw this Ford Explorer hit a car that was going straight on Cloverfield Blvd. towards Santa Monica Blvd around 6:40pm yesterday. The Ford Explorer was in the left lane, but turned right on Broadway, hitting the front left side of the car and knocking off what looked like part of the bumper. The driver…

Jeep Grand Cherokee Hit-and-Run in Santa Monica CA, Need Help

Got out of the Cloverfield Ralphs parking lot and found the back corner of my car shredded with part of the tail light missing. All I remember was the biggest car I ever saw parked terribly next to me when I went in. I picked up the debris from my poor Volvo, and found a…

Hit-and-Run in Santa Monica, Need Help Identifying Vehicle

3rd Promenade in Santa Monica. Arizona Avenue and 3rd. Need help. Any help is appreciated –jchani

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