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Again? Let’s Help Bengal’s QB Andy Dalton Find His Missing Luggage in Dallas!

UPDATE#2: Yikes, Andy has bad luck with his luggage lately… I can’t make this up… #bagsearch2016 is back on. @AmericanAir it’s your turn to find the luggage now #unbelievable @jjdalton5 — Andy Dalton (@andydalton14) February 15, 2016 UPDATE: Someone found the bags! #bagsearch2016 is officially over! Thankful that Robert found our bags. The power of…

Eagles Fan Slugs Giants Fan After Game, Police Trying to Identify Eagles Fan

SEPTA released this surveillance footage from the 69th Street Market-Frankford Line station of an incident on Monday, Oct. 19 around 1 a.m. after an Eagles victory over the New York Giants, 27-7. A Giants fan (seen in red) was punched in the face (1:55) after exchanging words with several Eagles fans. SEPTA is attempting to…

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