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I took a ride with Citi Bike# 05121 and docked it in Meatpacking on Gansevoort St and Washington St. Citi Bike is claiming the ride is still open which they say means it was stolen. Please be on the look out for bike #05121

Lost CitiBike – Brooklyn, NYC

So apparently my CitiBike (#06235) didn’t rack and now it’s been out for a day and hasn’t been returned. I took it from the Stanton Station to the S 5th Place and S 4th St stop by the Williamsburg Bridge Bike Path entrance at 10:30 last night (July 31st, 2017). If anyone sees it around…

CitiBike 25418 docked at Smith/Bergen

Please help! Smith St/Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Looking for Citi Bike #01277 in NYC

Additional Information provided 9/22 Last Sunday, (09/17/2016), I docked a citi bike (01277) in the Central Park W & W 72nd St. However, it turned out that the system didn’t accept it and I received a message from Citi bike which said that my bike has expired. I went back to the station and found…

Wallet Stolen in Plain Sight in Brooklyn, NY, Need Help Identifying Plate

Can you please help read this plate? Wallet fell out of my pocket on my property. Guy jumped out his car grabbed it and took off. If anyone can grab the plate it would be great. The detectives said it would be of great help… –Sti_mulus Here is the source file:

Looking for Citi Bike 02952 in NYC, Please Help!

The last NYC Citi Bike under my name (#02952) is currently on a 24 hour and counting joy ride around NYC. It was docked at the East 3rd and 1st Avenue (East Village) station and is now….anywhere? If anyone happens to see it, please help! –Aweiss87 More info from /r/AskNYC So it seems that a…

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