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Please Help Me Identify the Vehicle That Hit My Friend’s Parked Car in New Orleans, LA

Hi all, My friend’s Volvo station wagon was parked in front of my house yesterday evening when it was hit by a black 4-door pickup truck, damaging the car’s left front quarter panel and front bumper. After hitting the car, the truck stopped, reversed, briefly looked at the damage, and then drove off. It looks…

New Orleans Police Looking for Help To Identify Vehicle in Hit-and-Run, Victim Dragged from French Quarter to Algiers.

Police suspect a man whose body was found Friday morning (Jan. 1) in Algiers had been struck by a vehicle in the French Quarter and dragged four miles across the Crescent City Connection to the West Bank Expressway. They said they think he was the victim of a hit-and-run wreck near Dumaine and Decatur streets. #‎NOPD‬…

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