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Lost CitiBike – Brooklyn, NYC

So apparently my CitiBike (#06235) didn’t rack and now it’s been out for a day and hasn’t been returned. I took it from the Stanton Station to the S 5th Place and S 4th St stop by the Williamsburg Bridge Bike Path entrance at 10:30 last night (July 31st, 2017). If anyone sees it around…

CitiBike 25418 docked at Smith/Bergen

Please help! Smith St/Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY, United States

[UPDATED] The Mysterious Case of the Abandoned Bicycle at the W&OD Trail and FFX County Pkwy

UPDATE 6.15.2016: Well a few weeks ago I noticed any semblance of the mysterious abandoned bicycle were no longer as all the rest of the components seem to have been scavenged… Perhaps someone saw this post and went out to finish the harvest…who knows. Sadly I don’t know if we’ll ever find out why the…

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