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Help Me Find Embracing Couple in Photo from Summer 2012 in London’s Hyde Park

Hey everyone, I need your help. I’m looking for the couple in this photo. I took it in 2012. I have no clue who they are or where they are from but I know that if it were my girlfriend and I in a picture like this, I’d want to have it. The only information…

UK Thief Tries, and Fails, to Steal Porsche Cabriolet; Police are Asking Public for Help to Identify

By Lewis Dean , Video by James Lillywhite Met police detectives have released CCTV footage of a man carving a hole into the roof of a red Porsche before climbing into the convertible sports car and trying to drive it away through London’s exclusive Mayfair. The incredible footage shows the man take a knife and start sawing…

The Unsolved Mystery Of The “Deep Freeze Murder” of North of London

On December 30, 1957, 17-year-old Ann Noblett was seen getting off the bus that was returning her home from a dancing lesson. She had only a short journey on foot to reach her house, but she never made it. A month later, her body was found … frozen to the core, despite England’s mild winter…

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