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$5,000 Reward

Have You Seen Missing Teen Bianca Villafaña of Houston, TX?

Bianca Villafaña was last seen on  Sunday, 4/24/2016 near I-45 and Rankin Rd. in Houston, TX She was at the Michoacana restaurant on I-45 & Rankin Rd. getting into a red car and has not been seen or heard from. She was outside of a restaurant and went to the car to rest because her…

UPDATED: “10 Suspects” Smash and Grab Gun Store in Theft Caught on Video in Houston

UPDATE: Original Post: HOUSTON – Police are investigating a smash and grab burglary at a Carter’s Country gun shop in in southwest Houston overnight. Employees the store on Wilcrest near the Southwest Freeway were still cleaning up Tuesday afternoon nearly 12 hours after the crime. “I’m very shocked, and I’m very stunned this could happen…

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